Modern AppSec for Modern Apps

Whether your app is fully cloud-native or just beginning to modernize, Fortify has you covered every stop of the way. Fortify is purpose built to secure the rapidly evolving technologies and architectures with the flexibility to recognize no two applications are the same.


Innovative API Security

We deliver the most innovative API security for any app, across discovery and testing.


Secure Modern Web and Mobile Apps

Confidently secure your modern web and mobile apps with our industry leading AST portfolio.



Security for Next-Gen Architectures

Comprehensive shift-left security for cloud native: from IaC to serverless in a single solution.

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AI-Driven Security Testing

Employ machine learning techniques in the security audit process with the Fortify scan analytics platform.

Comprehensive API Scanning

Discover and authenticate APIs(even mid-scan), both custom or using Oauth 2. Whether it’s Postman, Swagger, OpenAPI, SOAP, REST, etc. Discover and scan about any major API out there.

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Secure Modern web and Mobile Apps

From UI Crawls and single page application scanning to pen testing, mobile binary scanning, and true 2FA automation, secure your cloud and virtual environments through scanning the technology used to create them.

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Secure Cloud Native Applications

Scan and consume results from Containers(Dockerfiles), Infrastructure as Code (Aws, Azure, Ansible, K8), Cloud SDKs across multiple languages (Aws, Azure, GCP) including serverless functions, Secret scanning (cloud secrets), etc.

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Assisted Auditing

Fortify’s next-generation SAST tools are leveraging machine learning techniques to extend the reach and better scale the skills of your security team.

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Build secure software fast. Find security issues early and fix at the speed of DevOps.


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Fortify WebInspect dynamic application security testing (DAST) software finds and prioritizes exploitable vulnerabilities in web applications.


Fortify on Demand

Application security as a service with security testing, vulnerability management, expertise, and support.

Cloud-Native Application Security

This Refcard will walk through the critical challenges of cloud-native AppSec, demonstrate how to build security into the CI/CD pipeline, and introduce core patterns and anti-patterns of cloud-native AppSec.