Enterprise Cloud Security

Secure your journey to the cloud

Accelerate business growth with cloud transformation by embedding cyber resilience to protect your business assets and builds stronger trust among your customers and stakeholders.

Accelerate your cloud transformation

The cloud migration journey can be fraught with unexpected challenges. Don’t let security be one of them.

Secure your data, identities, applications, services, and infrastructure in a cloud environment to accelerate your digital transformation. Cloud services require protection against data breaches, exploitation of cloud applications, account jacking, insider attack, and increased regulations. Business owners are ultimately responsible for ensuring privacy, security, and compliance to protect cloud assets, identities, applications, and data or services comprehensively.

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Secure data in the cloud

With the increase in data being stored in the cloud, protecting sensitive data from data breaches and maintaining compliance to regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA are big concerns. Vendor lockout by cloud service providers is an equally critical issue. CyberRes Data Security solutions protect sensitive data across its lifecycle with hybrid cloud support and transparent governance. Voltage SecureData offers consistent cryptography across multi-cloud (AWS and Azure) with a critical layer of protection around all sensitive data types, using its high-performance Format-Preserving Encryption.

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Secure cloud application development

As thousands of applications are being built and released every day, securing them at a faster pace and in line with agile DevOps pipelines across multiple cloud platforms is essential. Embedding security assessments with automated remediation support and developer education enables continuous security in the application development lifecycle. Fortify offers a holistic, on-demand application security platform that contains DevOps toolchain integrations with Jenkins, Azure, AWS, IDEs, extensible APIs, and open source analysis tools. Fortify enables you to automate security testing, get complete visibility of your application security risks, and continuously educate your developers in the process.

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Zero trust access for cloud

With the increase of mobility, perimeterless networks, and hybrid cloud environments, enablement of zero trust is essential. This approach offers risk-based adaptive authentication, adaptive access management, and dynamic governance. NetIQ Risk Service enables context-aware zero trust security by adapting your authentication and access experience. It consumes contextual-related metrics from a variety of sources that include user behavioral analytics. And you can maintain and improve user productivity and customer satisfaction by leveraging tight integration with NetIQ Advanced Authentication. It offers a wide range of authentication types and methods to deliver the best user experience.

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Next-generation cloud security operations

Cloud computing can add to the complexity of incident management with the increased volume of security data, a fragmented ecosystem, and advanced attack techniques—plus managing talented analysts to address the incidents. Resolving them requires ensuring faster detection of threats across hybrid cloud, responding to incidents at a faster pace, building risk-based insights, and responding to them with automated playbooks. ArcSight automatically collects data from a variety of sources such as IoT, cloud, and SAP, along with other traditional sources. It enables you to detect even the most sophisticated threats through layered analytics, investigate quickly and efficiently, and respond with automated playbooks before damage is done.

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