Modernizing Mainframe Workloads with AWS and Micro Focus

Learn how Micro Focus can help you modernize your mainframe, with equivalent or better performance and enterprise-level security, via a managed service on AWS.

Choose your Application Modernization Path with the Modernization Maturity Model

The Modernization Maturity Model is a practical framework meant to provide you a map from the initial business drivers behind the change requirements, through a technical strategy towards the appropriate tactical options.

Increase Speed, Lower Costs, and Reduce Risks

With decades of experience and success, and strong solutions for mainframe modernization, Micro Focus provides lower costs, decreased risks, with increased speed for the application. This partnership with AWS creates a well-defined, well-architected reference platform to reduce risk, decrease costs and increase speed even further by extending these benefits to the infrastructure and process through a managed service.

Replatform or Rehost

Replatform to a mainframe-compatible runtime, or refactor applications to modern agile services. Whether you need a deeply integrated option, for a large deployment replatforming may be right for you. Or, for isolated, smaller deployments, rehosting may be best. Decide what is best for your organization.

Replatform or Rehost

Prepare for Modernization

Analyze migration readiness through application intelligence and analysis for migration teams and developers. Utilize the development, build, and test tools for modernization projects. This allows you to assess and identify gaps and determine what services to map and migrate, making the migration process more straightforward, with less risk. Once implemented and tested, you can deploy Mainframe workloads to a managed environment (including AWS). The operations of running the production environment and update processing is understood and repeatable, meaning it does not need to be reinvented for every project. This is more scalable and represents an approved, best-in-class solution.


Mainframe Access and Security in the Cloud

When migrating applications to the cloud, implement enterprise-level security. This includes, strong authentication, including Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), authorized access using the principle of least privilege, and zero-footprint host access. This ensures that all 3270 data remains in AWS and data privacy regulations are satisfied.


See the Proof

“Micro Focus Enterprise solutions allowed us to rapidly migrate our existing mainframe application code in an application replatforming exercise which we could then deploy in our AWS environment.”
"We are pleased to take central control of the management of all host connectivity activities, while adding more secure access and providing our users with time-saving features."
“In the Micro Focus-powered environment… the efficiency of our systems improved by over 80 percent overall, while select processes improved by more than 90 percent.”

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Customers that are using Micro Focus Enterprise technology on the AWS Mainframe Modernization platform are now in a much better position to consider onward modernization.