IDOL Enhanced Text Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing combine to extract text analytics insights from written or spoken language.

Unparalleled Entity Extraction

Using IDOL KeyView to offer powerful data extraction solutions for text, metadata, and other content from over 1,900 file formats on a variety of platforms, with high-fidelity viewing and printing. It also offers annotation and conversion to web-ready HTML, valid XML, and image output formats to leverage data available for search and other critical business operations.

Meta Data, visible text and hidden text, can all be extracted allowing for better insights into your data.


Powerful Grammars

IDOL provides multiple grammars, including those to address CCPA and GDPR regulations that work right out of the box. These grammars identify critical information within your data and allow you to access, search, and modify information within.

Many industries, including such as the financial sector, healthcare, and government find these useful. There are grammars that also help to secure protected data such as PCI, PII, and PHI.


Sentiment Analysis

Understanding how your organization is perceived by the public is critical, but manually trying to track every article, video, or social media post is not possible. With sentiment analysis, IDOL helps your organization understand how you are being presented to your customers, identify trends, pinpoint regional sentiments, and quickly react to negative information.

IDOL is a comprehensive data analytics solution that provides fully automated, real-time, multilingual, news and social media monitoring, and information analytics capabilities. Whatever and wherever the mention, IDOL enables you to gain that coveted insight that is both fast and comprehensive. Sentiment Analysis has use cases that cross multiple industries and governmental efforts.


Natural Language Chatbots

IDOL powers a range of AI-powered chatbot solutions. It allows organizations to offer their customers and employees access to information and processes using an automated human-like operator which can engage in natural language dialogues.

Organizations have an increasingly diverse range of information requests. IDOL uses our unique Natural Language Question Answering technology to allow natural conversations between end users and a virtual assistant. It can perform queries against curated (FAQ) responses (Answer Bank); data tables and data services (Fact Bank); unstructured documents (Passage Extraction); and to follow configured processes to facilitate knowledge discovery.

Natural Language Chatbots


Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Monitor and analyze publicly available information sources, such as TV and radio broadcasts and social media feeds.

Natural Language Processing

Extract meaning from human information.

IDOL KeyView

Access all your data – and get the most value from it.

AI-Powered Virtual Assistant Chatbot

Natural Language Text Analytics is changing the way we will communicate with our computers. In this demo, we go through how chatbots can help you access your data.