IT Automation Services

Accelerate the shift from running IT to innovating for the business.

Automate, orchestrate, and transform IT service delivery
  • Unlock your IT potential with advisory, implementation, integration, and solution management services. Orchestrate IT operations across a hybrid landscape and enable timely delivery of infrastructure and application services to the business with consistency, compliance, and security.
  • Robotic Process Automation

    Robotic Process Automation

    A flexible, pay-as-you-automate, fully managed service to build, scale and secure automated business processes across the enterprise. Using our software robots we can mimic UI-based human actions, interacting with applications and systems just like people do, but faster, more accurate and non-stop. Our service reduces our customer’s costs and frees human employees to focus on more important things.

    Robotic Process Automation
  • Automation as a Service

    Automation as a Service

    This flexible, pay-per-use, fully managed model for enterprise-grade automation and orchestration accelerates delivery, reduces costs, and increases efficiency, productivity, and user satisfaction. Read data sheet

    Automation as a Service

Your roadmap for successful SAP orchestration in the digital age. A rapid-deploy solution, leveraging unique and SAP-specific automation content and workflows, dramatically improves time-to-value. Read flyer

Operations Orchestration Foundation and Advanced Services

Automate sophisticated IT process flows such as IT service request fulfillment, closed-loop incident processing, and change request management.

Learn more about Operations Orchestration Foundation Services

Learn more about Operations Orchestration Advanced Services

Server Automation Foundation & Advanced Services

Automate end-to-end IT tasks such as patch management, compliance management, and OS and application provisioning.


Faster provisioning

Automate server builds, eliminate manual hand-offs


Reduction in staff requirements

Through automated patching and compliance


Productivity improvement

By automating repetitive tasks