ZENworks Endpoint Security Management

Policy-based controls for Windows devices.

OpenText™ ZENworks Endpoint Security Management protects vulnerable IT assets with location-aware, policy-based solutions. Protect the data on every PC against malware threats, and control how endpoints communicate and access information in a single console.

Control External Device Access

Allowed or not, you decide.

Enforce company policy on external, removable device types—even down to the serial number.

Allowed or not, you decide.
Works for USB, Firewire, Bluetooth, and other portable devices.
Allowed or not, you decide.
Choose not allowed, hidden, read-only, or write-only states.

Folder and USB Encryption

Protect data privacy on USB devices.

Encrypt data on USB devices and share across Unified Endpoint Management devices at the folder level with centralized key management.

Policy-based Bitlocker encryption keeps your data safe.
Centralized key management to folders on fixed disks keeps sensitive data private.

Integrated Security

Real-time protection.

Advanced anti-malware scan engine for protection against known and unknown threats, with interactive dashboards for centralized threat monitoring.

Scan for malware, viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, adware, rootkits, and more.
Policy-based management enables consistent protection no matter the device.


Additional Features

Application Control

Precise, policy-based control over the applications running on all of your endpoints.

Automatic Enforcement

Protect remote workers by automatically enforcing network protection.

Location Aware

Dynamic security controls based on device, login, and location for endpoint protection

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ZENworks Endpoint Security Management

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