ZENworks Asset Management

Stay on top of all your license needs.

ZENworks Asset Management
OpenText™ ZENworks Asset Management tracks software deployments and usage and maintains license compliance. It helps you understand costs and monitor all of your software contracts.

Lifecycle Tracking

Find all your software.

Track software from purchase to deployment, to retirement and associate them with UEM bundles for approved deployments.

Give license visibility to your service desk to improve software purchasing behavior.
Track license costs more easily to avoid overage fines.


Usage Visibility

Reclaim unused licenses.

Track both used and unused software so you can reclaim unused licenses, saving you money and negotiation headaches in the long run.

Reduce licensing costs with straightforward licensing data.
Improve negotiating power through detailed knowledge of license needs.

Usage Visibility

License Dashboard

Information at your fingertips.

License compliance, purchase data, usage, and management all in one place so your costs are low, and your users are productive.

A single-pane view into licensing needs and usage, letting you know where you can save.
Management tools enabling you to boost productivity by moving assets where needed.

License Dashboard

Additional Features

Monitor Contracts

Link software, devices, and users to contracts, and set reminders for key contract dates.

Extended Asset Management

An included two-seat license for OpenText™ Service Desk allows you to import software as CMDB.


Software and hardware asset tracking to know where they are and how they’re used.

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ZENworks Asset Management

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