Micro Focus Visual COBOL

New tools for COBOL application modernization—Micro Focus™ Visual COBOL™ 9.0 by OpenText.

Visual COBOL
The leading COBOL application development, deployment and modernization solution for distributed, virtual and cloud platforms. The key to transforming core business systems written in COBOL using new technologies including .NET, The Java Virtual Machine (JVM), containers and cloud..


Where COBOL meets .NET and the Java Virtual Machine.

Compile COBOL code directly to Java bytecode deployed to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), or to Microsoft intermediate language for Microsoft .NET.

Build, deploy and modernize COBOL applications in the latest modern frameworks.
Easily integrate COBOL programs with modern architectures including .NET and applications designed for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

COBOL, Containers, and Cloud

Deploy COBOL to any platform.

Scale your COBOL development and testing using Docker containers. Manage and orchestrate your containers with Kubernetes. Take advantage of both on-prem or leading cloud provider platforms including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Use Agile, DevOps and continuous integration practices.
Containerized API delivery and scalable deployment through Kubernetes.

Refactor COBOL Code

Instantly get what you need.

Quickly isolate and extract COBOL business rules and data: develop automated unit tests or expose as APIs using your REST web services framework.

Preserves and re-uses current business logic.
Integrate COBOL applications with any API or services-based infrastructure.


Additional Features

COBOL Editor

Our COBOL editor features an integrated COBOL debug experience with new support for Visual Studio Code.

Mixed-Language Support

Integrate COBOL with C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Java, and more.

RDBMS Support

Includes Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and open-source databases such as PostgreSQL.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.

  • “Our CI/CD and container pipeline in AWS supports rapid deployment.”

    Mark Bell
    Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
  • “The modern toolset with language support convinced us to upgrade.”

    Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.
  • “Visual COBOL [has] taken our user experience to the next level.”

    County of Marin
  • "Thanks to Visual COBOL, we can now use COBOL code more flexibly as microservices, integrated in a service-oriented architecture, to accelerate business processes."

    German Pension Fund
  • “Visual COBOL for Eclipse helped [our] developers increase productivity.”

    LV 1871
  • “Visual COBOL has given us … a much more modern look and feel.”

    Mike Phillips
    Sydex Sports: Video coaching Software
  • "Micro Focus (now part of OpenText™) modernization [enables] low-risk digital transformation.”

    Dr. Sören Kemmann,
    Managing Director
    B+B Unternehmensberatung
  • “Our developers love the new environment… easier debugging and editing.”

    New Era Life Insurance
  • “Visual COBOL [has the] flexibility to meet future challenges head-on.”

    Cooper Farms
  • “We migrated to a more cost-effective environment using Visual COBOL.”

    Syspro ERP Software
  • “[Reusing] business rules … saved 85% in costs over application rewrite.”

    Adir Dagostin/CEO
    CTA Sistemas


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