Unstructured Data Analytics Software for OEM & SDK

Build apps with your unstructured data.

Unstructured Data Analytics OEM SDK
Use our software development kit to build the apps and APIs you need to take advantage of your unstructured data. Reduce your risk, time to market, development costs, and maintenance–powered by OpenText™ IDOL.

Data Collection

Retrieve it. Aggregate it. Everywhere.

With over 150 repository connectors, access what you need locally, remotely, and in the cloud to use for downstream processing.

Select connectors can operate bi-directionally.
Act directly on source repositories for holds and deletions to reduce risk.

Data Collection


See beyond the encryption.

Inspect the content of protected files, including Azure Rights Management, AIP, and MIP.

Use with new or existing workflows.
Get unrestrained access to the original content of protected files.


Detect File Types

Don’t waste time on irrelevant files.

Reduce the risk of misprocessing critical information or wasting valuable CPU time. Forensically examine each file to resolve ambiguity to get faster answers and lower error rates.

Find the most differentiating file characteristics easily.
Identify valuable file attributes.

Detect File Types

Additional Features

Content Extraction

See and extract body and invisible text, embedded, cached, and encapsulated objects.

Rich Media Analysis

Understand rich media through video, audio, and image data with sophisticated analytics functionality.

AI Virtual Assistant

Provide customers real-time, interactive conversation in a natural text interface.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


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