Enable process-driven development.

OpenText™ StarTeam provides change and version management for the entire delivery lifecycle. Development teams can use an extensible repository to track and manage change across a wide range of assets.

Single Repository

Rely on one source of truth.

Support complex enterprise-scale development with a single repository for projects.

Rely on one source of truth.
Gain visibility and control of hundreds of projects.



Automate delivery with confidence.

All delivery artifacts automatically link together as a natural part of the development process.

Improve release management through more efficient traceability and development.


Centralized Management

Bring disconnected teams and assets together.

Unite colocated and geographically distributed teams.

Unite colocated and geographically distributed teams.


Additional Features

Workflow Engine

Define, store, manage, and snapshot any process artifacts to increase lifecycle efficiency.

Version Control

Track and manage change to source files, change requests, defects, tasks, and more assets.

Impact Monitoring

Understand every build and release at a glance.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.

  • “With StarTeam, we can just hit ‘refresh’ and see exactly what mergers and changes have happened in the code. That’s the kind of visibility we need to have an at-a-glance view of what the other developers in our team have worked on.”

    Paul Richards
    Software Engineer
    Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc
  • “We find what we need when we need it and save hours of rework. Only by doing this through StarTeam can we be as lean and agile as we are.”

    Lara Gillespie
    PSE Technical Project Manager
    Pearson Plc.
  • “StarTeam has given us centralized standards and processes in a world which would rely on ad-hoc actions across different locations.”

    Ed Dantes
    Software Configuration Manager
    Orbital ATK


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