Next-Gen Security Operations

Real-time threat detection, machine-learning analytics, and SOAR integrations to minimize exposure to threats.

Next-Gen Security Operations

Powerful, customizable, and smart enterprise solutions

At Micro Focus, we believe that the best security posture comes from a strong human-machine team that leverages the strengths of each: faster-than-human analysis by machines to identify leads for investigation, and the contextual understanding of SOC analysts and threat hunters.

Our next-gen security operations products do just that. So you can detect threats in real-time with powerful SIEM and cutting-edge analytics; collect, log, and distribute data on an open data platform; and integrate your SOAR solutions to minimize exposure time.

Experience real-time detection

Experience powerful, real-time threat detection and response through security analytics from a next-gen SIEM. Enterprise-wide visibility and powerful real-time correlation offers the fastest way to detect known threats.

Accelerate your investigation

Unsupervised machine-learning accelerates threat detection, especially for new and unknown threats. Enjoy accurate anomaly detection and increased SOC team efficiency by distilling billions of events into a handful of prioritized threat leads.

Increase log storage and compliance

Ingest terabytes of data per day from any source, and save it efficiently with compressed storage. Pre-built and customizable content speeds up log searches and aids compliance with customizable reports.

ArcSight Marketplace

Customize your solution

Bolster your security foundation with an app store designed to help you dive deeper into your ArcSight SIEM deployment by providing trusted apps, add-ons, and best practices. Build your own and monetize it on our marketplace!

Improve your SOC efficiency

Improve your SOC efficiency

Empower your SOC with automation and orchestration. Unite your security operations tools under one umbrella; manage the people, processes and technology from a single unified UI with ArcSight SOAR. Improve the efficiency of security operations with tactical automation and seamless case management.

Serve diverse industries

Serve diverse industries

See it from the eyes of SOC teams across a variety of industries with successful deployments.
Discover how they addressed their challenges and what the resulting benefits are.

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