Secure Content Management

Discover, protect and manage your most sensitive data across its lifecycle.

Secure Content Management

Reduce risk, complexity and cost when managing content

Enterprise content management software secures your business by knowing what data you’ve stored, who has access to it & what policies are most effective in managing it.

Governance and Compliance

Governance and Compliance

Data retention, preservation and disposition are key any business transformation effort. Apply policies uniformly to all regulated data and quickly investigate data when requested by regulatory agencies. Our solutions support over 160 jurisdictions along with thousands of content types in a unified solution.

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Find, protect, and secure all PII, PCI, and PHI as it moves across the enterprise. Achieve greater visibility into your structured and unstructured data to uncover, manage and encrypt sensitive information across your business applications and system databases.

Efficiency and Optimization

Efficiency and Optimization

Rationalize large volumes of legacy data and applications that pose significant cost to organizations as they look to optimize their business, and support cloud acceleration. Legacy data and applications require insight to identify critical data sets for disposition, or for intelligent migrations for long-term preservation.

Insight and Analytics

Insights and Analytics

Analytics-based tagging, keywords, and data enrichment help create and identify data subsets across both structured and unstructured data to identify risk and ultimately take action on data that needs to be managed (e.g., declare as a record, archive, hold, dispose).

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Meeting today’s information security, privacy and compliance challenges

Learn how the Secure Content Management suite can reduce risk, complexity and cost when it comes to managing all types of enterprise content across both active and inactive systems.