Operations Bridge

Full-stack AIOps—Proven capabilities, now SaaS simple.

Operations Bridge – SaaS
OpenText™ Operations Bridge is enterprise event and performance management software. With automated discovery, monitoring, and remediation, it fast-tracks your move to full-stack AIOps across multicloud and on- premises environments.

AIOps Platform

Get answers faster.

Adopt AIOps capabilities faster with a SaaS platform that consolidates data across your toolsets, pinpoints service slowdowns, and uncovers solutions.

AIOps Platform
Centralize all your data with the OPTIC Data Lake.
AIOps Platform
Accelerate issue resolution with event management powered by AI.

AIOps Platform

Automated Discovery and Monitoring

See all. Learn more. Act faster.

Dynamically discover services and dependent resources in the cloud and on premises—regaining complete IT observability and resolving problems faster.

Save time with extensive out-of-the-box discovery.
Automate monitoring of cloud and on-premises resources.

Automated Discovery and Monitoring

SaaS, Cloud, and On-Premises Deployment

Where and how?
You decide.

Pick the deployment option that works best with your organization’s strategy—whether that be speed and flexibility or 100% control.

Analyze across data silos.
Identify problems earlier with predictive analytics.

SaaS, Cloud, and On-Premises Deployment

Additional Features

AI-Based Event and Performance Management

Manage symptomatic alerts with powerful AI that automatically groups events to offer answers.

Embedded Automation

Automate tasks for remedial actions with thousands of out-of-the-box operations.

Service Performance and User Experience

Improve service health by discovering which resource—in cloud, on prem, or XaaS—is hurting performance.

Awards and Accolades

Market Leader for AIOps Platforms
Market Leader for AIOps Platforms

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


Reduction in time to repair problems


Reduction in alarms


Faster root cause analysis

  • “Following the Operations Bridge implementation, we have noticed an alarm reduction of over 70 percent.”

    Mohammed Shata
    ITOM Solutions Architect
    Vodafone Technology Shared Services
  • “With Operations Bridge Analytics, we can identify a problem in a few minutes instead of days.”

    Pedro Bomente
    IT Manager
    TIM Brazil
  • "The total number of events processed last year was 1.1 billion and now we reduced it by 40%."

    Ali Yilmaz
    Head of IT Service Delivery and Support


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Operations Bridge – SaaS

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