Information Management & Governance

Acquire data governance insights, streamline policy implementation, automate compliance monitoring and protect information from creation to destruction. Keep data safe when in transit and at rest.

Information Management & Governance

Trusted and proven data governance, information management, compliance and privacy solutions

The speed and scale of enterprise data is increasing exponentially. This is exerting tremendous pressure on technology systems and driving business and IT leaders to reevaluate the viability of point solutions. Micro Focus portfolio of data governance software helps organizations have a firm grip on enterprise information, reduce the compliance burden imposed on IT teams and mitigate regulatory and reputational risks.

Insight Empowered: Know your data. Empower your people. Drive your future.

Insight Empowered: Know your data. Empower your people. Drive your future.

The Micro Focus Information Management & Governance (IM&G) portfolio provides a broad range of solutions so you’re in control of your data, your people are empowered, and you can drive the future you want. Or as we like to say – we bring you Insight Empowered.

Use advanced analytics to discover/classify data.

Discover and classify enterprise data

Identify, map, understand and classify both structured and unstructured enterprise data with Micro Focus advanced analytics engine. Eliminate tedious, error-prone and expensive manual processes by streamlining downstream data governance and information migration.

Information management compliance

Comply with information management laws and regulations

Break down data silos and extract invaluable insights from enterprise information by tapping into Micro Focus advanced analytics. Improve organization processes, outmaneuver competitors and isolate untapped market opportunities.

Protect customer privacy

Protect customer privacy

Automate the identification of your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) in order to secure the PII through its lifecycle. Enforce compliance with your data governance framework and privacy regulations such as the GDPR.

Be prepared for legal cases and incident investigations

Prepare for litigation and investigations

Utilize technologies that have been proven effective in some of the most complex legal cases and incident investigations.

Manage risks and costs.

Manage risks and costs associated with legacy applications and legacy data governance

Identify, categorize, migrate and dispose of sensitive or regulated data thereby getting rid of thousands of TBs of information you no longer require.

Break down data and extract insights.

Generate value for your organization

Tap into Micro Focus advanced analytics to break down data silos and extract invaluable insights from enterprise information.

Protect company data from accidental loss and attacks

Protect company data from accidental loss and attacks

Ensure fast recovery of valuable data, minimizing risk and disruption to your business using Micro Focus Data Protector backup and restore software.

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