GroupWise Reporting and Monitoring

Take control of your GroupWise system.

OpenText™ GroupWise Reporting and Monitoring provides over 120 unique real-time reports and over 1,000 user-defined alerts and notifications. It quickly evaluates the health of OpenText™ GroupWise and other systems, including OpenText™ Secure Gateway, OpenText™ Retain Unified Archiving, and OpenText™ GroupWise Disaster Recovery.

Reporting Engine

Just a few clicks for the reports you need.

Our easy-to-use interface lets you schedule, automate, and send reporting. Get access to more than 150 predefined reports.

Just a few clicks for the reports you need.
Save time by automating regular reporting.
Just a few clicks for the reports you need.
Communicate with ease by automating and sending reports.


Regulatory Compliance

Put all those letters in their place.

HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley—worry no more with predefined compliance reports. Ensure correct configuration and discover if sensitive information is at risk.

Save money on fines by ensuring correct configuration.
Reduce risk by ensuring you are meeting regulations and standards.


Report Designer

Report like a pro.

Easily create all the reports you need—no expertise in XML, SQL, or HTML required—with our report designer tool.

No coding or database skills necessary to create reports that shine.
Complex reports become easy with the intuitive report designer interface.


Additional Features

Control Center

Create reports for mail and messaging in one easy place. Statistics, queries, pie charts, bar charts, graphs, and more.


Customized, automated, real-time alerts for emails, bottlenecks, and more.

System-Wide Analysis

Review capacity, overall system health, and uptime, as well as individual user activity analysis.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


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GroupWise Reporting and Monitoring

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