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Building Intelligent, Business-Oriented Threat Operations

Data Security and Encryption

Voltage encryption secures data persistently across hybrid IT – at rest, in motion, in use.

Data security and encryption solutions

Encryption solutions for data privacy and security

Voltage data security and encryption enable compliance and reduce risk in business processes, applications, transactions, analytics, files, and email – for secure data usability and utility, on-premises and in the cloud.

Secure customer analytics at scale

Voltage SecureData encrypts sensitive data at field level in analytic platforms and data lakes, providing increased access to secure analytics for faster insights and reducing the risk of a breach or data misuse.

Encryption, anonymization, data security, privacy protection

Expedite your data privacy journey

Address privacy compliance from data discovery and classification, to protection and reporting. Voltage format-preserving encryption and hashing help you meet GDPR, CCPA, and global privacy regulations.

Cloud security, encryption, data loss prevention, key management

Adopt multi-cloud data security

Gain control, flexibility, performance, and portability in hybrid and multi-cloud migrations with field-level encryption for cloud data security. Ensure the security of your data in the cloud.

Neutralize breach, reduce PCI costs

Neutralize breach, reduce PCI costs

Voltage provides omni-channel payment data security and reduces the cost of PCI compliance. Encryption and tokenization remove live card data from the payment stream – from the browser to the trusted back end.

Email encryption, email security, secure email, cloud email

Secure email encryption

Voltage SecureMail Cloud and SecureMail On-Premises provide end-to-end email encryption for desktop, cloud, and mobile that scales to millions of users, while maintaining sensitive data privacy (PII, ePHI, etc.).

Simplify unstructured data security

Simplify unstructured data security

Voltage SmartCipher simplifies unstructured data security, delivering control over the use and proliferation of sensitive files for secure collaboration and improved privacy compliance.

The art of data protection

For insight and control, put data privacy and protection at the center of your security strategy

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SecureData Enterprise

Format-preserving encryption, hashing, and tokenization to enable data privacy, reduce risk, neutralize data breach and drive business value through secure data use across hybrid IT.

SecureData Payments

Omni-channel PCI compliance and data protection for end-to-end payments security across web, mobile, and POS devices, with encryption and stateless tokenization.

SecureMail On-Premises

Protect PII, PHI, and Intellectual Property on emails and files and your email transition to Office 365.

SecureMail Cloud

SaaS service for the protection of your most sensitive information and your email transition to Office 365.

Voltage SmartCipher

SmartCipher simplifies unstructured data security, providing persistent file encryption and complete control and visibility over file usage and disposition.

Data Discovery

Deliver increased visibility of unstructured data through AI-powered analytics. Manage the information risk associated with evolving global data privacy regulations.

You can have security without privacy…

…But you cannot have privacy without security! Global regulations drive the need for data protection and privacy by design. Hear directly from our customers: Allstate, BMW Financial Services, Fiserv.