Data Center Automation

Automate IT compliance and vulnerability risk management.

Accelerate identification, prioritization, and remediation of noncompliant configurations and exposures through automation—on prem or SaaS.


Regulatory, security, and internal IT compliance

Visualize the results in a single compliance dashboard and then remediate according to maintenance windows and SLOs.

Run compliance audits across server OS.
Automate compliance management tasks for multi-vendor server OS.


Risk Management

Proactive vulnerability risk management.

Prioritize and track top vulnerabilities in a central risk dashboard. Patch according to policies, service level objectives, and maintenance windows.

Scan against the latest threats.
Orchestrated workflows run patch scans and remediation actions according to SLO’s.



Enterprise-standard provisioning and configuration.

Use policy-aware provisioning and configurations for automated initial enforcement of compliance and patching policies.

Standardize at build time and then scale.
Use DCA to automate enterprise-scale deployments.


Additional Features

Multivendor support and integration

Get the broadest range of support for multivendor infrastructure. Extend integration to resources deployed by open-source configuration tools to centralize compliance and risk management.

Market-leading out-of-the-box content

Choose from compliance benchmarks and remediation actions aligned to the latest industry and regulatory guidance for PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, CIS, ISO, and more.

Container deployment

Deploy on container-based architecture for easy installation and effortless upgrades.

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