Repository Data Access and Connectors

Connect to all your data—powered by IDOL.

Connect to over 200 different data repositories to improve enterprise search and data analytics. Get a flexible, precise approach to data management. Part of the core OpenText™ IDOL platform.

Advanced Data Extraction

More types than any other platform.

Our file format detection and extraction technology detects formats, decrypts content, extracts text, and so much more on over 1,500 file types.

Works on more file types than any other platform.
Classification, mapping, subfile processing, non-native rendering, and more.


Web Content Retrieval

What’s up on the web?

Our web content scanning and indexing helps maintain access to your data and monitor web activity about your brand.

Monitor key phrases, brand identifiers, trend changes, and public sentiment.
Respond more quickly to negative sentiment about your brand.


Content Extraction

Add value and reduce risk.

OpenText™ KeyView is an embedded content extraction and file transformation solution for anyone who has to manage large data volumes.

For leading edge software developers and service providers.
Reduces risk when managing large data volumes.


Customer Success

Our customers do more.


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