Connected Backup

PC backup for apps and data on end-user computers.

OpenText™ Connected Backup is fully automated PC backup software. It works in the background as users go about their daily tasks and simplifies data administration and reporting across the enterprise.


They’ll never know.

Our fully automated backup solution never interrupts users’ daily tasks as it works in the background.

User productivity remains high.
Automation ensures backup of all data with no productivity interruption.



Store less data. Check.

Patented data reduction technologies include SendOnce, Delta Block, and EmailOptimizer, so you only store changes to the data from each endpoint, not all the data.

85% reduction in data storage volume, resulting in improved storage efficiency.
Supports Outlook and Lotus Notes files, allowing you to protect large files.



Safeguard your data—always.

Advanced encryption and security technology safeguards data, including during transmission, storage, and recovery.

Data is safe, no matter its state, without IT intervention.
ISO 27001 compliance-certified, ensuring security and integrity of your data.


Additional Features


Efficient, automated execution of legal holds on laptops and desktops with a highly defensible process.

Flexible Deployment

Available for deployment on premises, hybrid, or in the cloud.

Mobile Access

Access PC backup data remotely via our mobile app.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


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