AI Image Analytics

Image classification and analysis—powered by IDOL.

AI Image Analytics
OpenText™ AI Image Analytics gives you access to real-time, highly accurate image analytics for uses from traffic optimization to physical security. Detect and identify object classifications such as people, bicycles, packages, buses, and automobiles in your images.

Image Classification

Identify and categorize in a snap.

Use specific rules and trained AI to categorize and label images, portions of images, and similarities in images.

Reduce manual efforts to save time and money.

Image Classification

Logo Detection and Recognition

Find your brand’s logo—everywhere.

AI Image Analytics scours the web, broadcast video, and social media to identify your brand’s logo and understand your brand’s exposure.

Understanding your brand exposure is key to maintaining brand exposure and reducing IP theft.

Reduce IP theft by knowing how your logo is used.
Understand positive and negative brand exposure so you can enhance or mitigate it.

Logo Detection and Recognition

Facial Recognition

Detect, identify, and redact faces.

Detect, redact, collect, organize, and identify faces within your video and image data using artificial intelligence.

Save time and money with smaller analyst teams.

Facial Recognition

Additional Features

Optical Character Recognition

Extract text from image files and convert to a computer-friendly format for storage and search.

Change Detection

Detect changes in images before and after versions.

1D and 2D Barcode Detection

Detect barcodes from over 20 barcode types including ISBN, PDF417, and data matrix.

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