Unstructured Data Analytics (IDOL)

AI-driven data analytics for your unstructured data.


OpenText™ IDOL is a unified platform to provide text analytics, speech analytics, and video analytics with support for over 1,000 data formats. It enables out-of-the-box access to 150 data repositories behind and beyond your firewall, as well as indexes data without relocation and disruption.

Rich media analysis
Rich media analysis

Understand immediately the meaning within rich media assets by distilling facts from video, image, and audio content in real time.

 Retrieve and aggregate all your data
Retrieve and aggregate all your data

AI and Natural Language Processing extracts insights from written or spoken language using the latest innovations in machine learning and deep neural networks.

 Cross-document analytics
Cross-document analytics

Create understanding of large document sets by automatically identifying common information across documents.


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Use Cases

Improved content extraction

See and extract body and invisible text, embedded, cached, and encapsulated objects.

Rich media analysis

Next-level analytics functionality works with video, audio, and image data.

Your AI Virtual Assistant

Engage customers in real-time, interactive conversations with a natural text interface.


See how IDOL leverages the actionable insights deep in your data for informed decision-making.