COBOL Modernization

Build, deploy and modernize your COBOL business applications.


Take your COBOL business applications into the future with the productivity of modern development tools as well as the choice and flexibility of new platforms and architectures. Modernize COBOL using the latest technologies including Windows, UNIX, Linux, .NET, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), APIs, microservices, containers, and the cloud.

Flexible application deployment
Flexible Application Deployment

Deploy COBOL to new platforms and architectures including distributed, virtual, container, and cloud environments.

Faster Application Delivery

Streamline COBOL development and testing using Agile, CI and DevOps tools-- without sacrificing quality.

COBOL Application Modernization

Modernize the COBOL application UI and business rules enabling access to web, mobile, microservices and cloud platforms.



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Modernize COBOL applications using .NET, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Containers and Cloud with Visual COBOL.