Cyber Resilience

Industry Value Chain Program

The Micro Focus Industry Value Chain Program enables 360-degree enterprise resiliency by securing and enabling trust in an organization’s value chain. This interlock secures aspects of the business that are critical for strategic, financial, and operational resiliency to enable sustainable strategic growth and performance. Key to the program is driving industry-focused and outcome-oriented alignment of Micro Focus solutions to secure the organization’s value chain.

Our Mission

Business Driven

A key tenet of Micro Focus Cyber Resiliency is to be business driven and support the strategic growth objectives of our customers.

industry focused
Industry Focused
Micro Focus Cyber Resiliency is business driven, thereby providing an industry-focused approach.
outcome oriented
Outcome Oriented
With our outcome-based approach, our solutions, content, and integration are designed to drive outcomes and enable the business.

Our Value


The Re-Imagine program is designed to enable Enterprise Resiliency and the ability for organizations to “pivot” in times of change, adversity, or volatility.

The Re-Imagine program allows for alignment with strategic and sustained growth enablers by securing the value chain.
The Re-Imagine program combines integrated solutions, instrumentation, and alignment with securing the business to drive the trust and confidence of customers, stakeholders, and employees.

Our Solutions

Intelligent Secure Health (and Medicine)

The fast-paced changes of the digital economy (for example, COVID-19 driving higher adoption of telemedicine, software-defined networking [SDN]) mean that healthcare providers rely on cyber resilience, the trustworthiness of artificial intelligence (AI), medical applications, and telemedicine gateways for disease diagnostics.

Micro Focus 360-degree cyber resilience solutions drive secure healthcare, telemedicine, trusted (ethical) AI, and secure SDN to enable intelligent, secure healthcare. This includes highly focused capabilities for healthcare protocols such as HL7 and other PHI protocols.


Resilient Operations

Industrial, SCADA, and industrial Internet of things (IIoT) environments are critical for operational continuity. To be more secure, organizations should capitalize on the wealth of instrumentation, operational, and custodial data to predict, sense, detect, and repel threats to be more resilient.  

Micro Focus 360 cyber resilience solutions secure industry value chains, from upstream to downstream operations. For example, we have integrated solutions to secure drilling operations, and also to secure point-of-sales at gas stations


Trusted Digital Banking

As financial services institutions pivot to open new digital channels to customers and stakeholders, and enable real-time back office processing (for example, Real Time Payment), customer experience customer data platforms (CX CDP), and AI-led know-your-customer (KYC) programs, the ability to establish trust is a key aspect of banking modernization.

Micro Focus 360 cyber resilience solutions establish banking trust with quicker, convenient, and secure transactions enabled by integrated innovative solutions powered by machine learning that can detect, protect, and respond to cyber threats and fraud.

innovative solution

Resilient Digital Government

The rapid adoption of cloud, mobility and tele-work technologies have dramatically altered the Federal threat landscape. And now a whole new range of risks to data privacy and cyber resilience have emerged. With the latest network features or EIS, and the soon-to-be-mandated TIC 3.0 requirements, Federal agencies require broader and more complete software solutions to prevent alteration of data in transit, detect altered data in transit, ensure resilient application and security services, react and adapt to threats in real-time, enforce access policies as defined and implemented, and simplify implementation of new countermeasures.

Micro Focus 360-degree cyber resilience solutions ensure the security of operational and citizen data, and improve agency internal and citizen-facing applications with enable trusted (ethical) AI. Micro Focus is currently supporting more than 300 Federal agencies today with over 120 software products addressing all aspects of the latest NIST guidance.

Additional industry value chains are available, including Digital Retail, Electronic Government, Electronic Battlefield Operations, Secure Autonomous Vehicles, and other related solutions.

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