Detect and respond to threats faster.

Data discovery.

Discover, secure, and govern sensitive and high-value data. Our solutions map data wherever it resides, making it easier to identify and protect your most sensitive data. 


Find and analyze all of your structured and unstructured data.

Control your data wherever it is with security that’s cloud-agnostic and multi-cloud.

Enable privacy and regulatory compliance to protect your brand and reputation and build customer trust.

Reduce false-positive threat alerts.

Leverage unsupervised machine learning to cut through alert noise at scale. Augment human intelligence with machine intelligence to identify anomalous behaviors and unknown threats. 


Machine learning enables monitoring and validation of threats based on observed behaviors and calculated risk.

AI enables rich data analytics to alert and/or automatically encrypt data derived from risk-based results.

Behavioral analytics analyze the runtime behavior of code in motion to identify security vulnerabilities and areas of risk. 

Efficient threat detection and response.

Accelerate effective threat detection and response in real time using automation and orchestration. Eliminate manual tasks to maximize efficiency. 


Layered analysis to detect real threats and automate effective responses. 

Intuitive interface to simplify the user experience. 

Leverage hybrid, third-party tools with a robust and open ecosystem.

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Attacks and breaches aren’t all you have to worry about. Shifts in the economy, new technologies—and even pandemics—can affect your ability to succeed. Intelligent security can help protect your organization’s continuity, value chain, critical data, and reputation.

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