Manage Privileged Accounts

Identify, manage, and control privileged credentials across your enterprise IT systems.


Secure access

Implement security controls to ensure
the principle of “least privilege” to avoid breaches.



Leverage risk scores to allow or deny access by identity type and privileged activity.


Zero trust

Support your zero trust strategy with a dynamic, scalable privileged access management solution that automatically adjusts access in real time.

Control and Monitor Privileged Users

Know who has access to what, who approved that access, and why. NetIQ Privileged Account Manager provides a centralized view with complete visibility into application and data access across your extended enterprise.

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Centralize Policy Management Across All Resources

Manage, unify, and enforce policies. Centralize your policy compliance and troubleshooting. Confidently extend your security into public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

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Enforce Least Privilege

Define and enforce identity governance controls, including separation of duties policies. When a change in your environment increases your risk, you can trigger an access certification or adjust access automatically.

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State of Zero Trust in the Enterprise

Enterprises are increasingly embracing zero trust: 87% said they were on the zero trust journey – having already rolled out zero trust or making plans for implementation.