Business-Aligned Security Operations

Building a business-aligned security operations center

The next generation of security operations will enable business modernization and accelerate trusted and secure digital transformation. CyberRes offers an integrated framework and capability to design, implement, and operate a world-class security operations center that supports the business, enables digital transformation, and drives strategic cyber alignment.

End-to-end visibility

With the scale and acceleration of digital transformation, enterprises are expanding their business value chain to deliver innovative services to customers. This requires modern platforms and micro services enabled through software-defined networking or data centers. The key to securing the enterprise and reducing operational risk is end-to-end visibility that stitches together complex threats.

CyberRes has a comprehensive capability to acquire, secure, encrypt, and contextualize instrumentation, event, and telemetry data for the extended enterprise—providing better risk management, reduced dwell time, and enhanced assurance.

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Modern threat handling

With the business enablement of the enterprise value chain, adversaries are seizing the opportunity to craft new and increasingly sophisticated methods to exploit it. Some of these methods are designed to overcome traditional security operations practices that are designed to handle threat observables and indicators. CyberRes provides the capability to handle sophisticated and modern threats, using a combination of automation, re-enforcement learning, machine learning, and other methods.

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Industry-aligned framework

Utilize the CyberRes mature event broker and connector framework to perform enhanced contextualization of complex banking messages and accelerate sophisticated algorithmic analysis.

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Depth and breadth

CyberRes offers a powerful correlation and unsupervised machien learning model. This, combined with ArcSight's advanced MITRE capability, enables organizations to detect threats that often go undiagnosed with traditional query or UEBA solutions.

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    State of Security Operations report

    Based on responses from over 500 security operations executives and decision makers, this report provides research and recommendations to advance your SOC and reduce business risk.