Data Discovery and Privacy

Privacy begins with data discovery. You cannot protect what you do not know. Voltage solutions deliver the data insight to act effectively and protect what matters most.

Know What Data You Have

Know What Data You Have

The world generates 1,000 petabytes of data per day. Data has become a limitless resource. Data is at the core of both value and risk. Privacy is a human right and 71% of countries now have privacy laws. IT organizations need new approaches to enable privacy compliance aligned with secure and consent-based use of data assets.

Voltage Data Discovery Platform

Voltage Data Discovery Platform

Context-aware PII detection.

Analytics for purpose-based data collection.

Random data sampling to highlight risk.


Continuous Data Management

Continuous Data Management

Rich analytics-driven dashboards.

Data insights to act effectively.

Data access governance and compliance reporting.


Data Privacy Compliance

Data Privacy Compliance

Adapt to evolving privacy regulations.

Protect customer data for privacy by design.

Secure data use to drive business value.

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  • “On average, we on-board a new application into Voltage every other week. We encrypt data by default so that it is only ever exposed when really required. This gives us a much better risk and compliance position.”

    Project Manager

    CISO Office


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