Assessing Cyber Exposure

Cyber Exposure Assessment

Are you unsure about the exposure of your enterprise against a zero-day attack, possible breach, or its resiliency to withstand a cyberattack on a critical part of your business? CyberRes provides a rapid exposure assessment using a global set of experts, tools, and intelligence to diagnose exposure.

Could My Enterprise Be Exposed?

Have you received a threat advisory that you suspect could impact your organization? Are you unsure about whether you could be exposed? Take advantage of our integrated rapid assessment to determine if your organization is vulnerable to a zero-day attack, major adversary campaign, or a possible exploit to your business. The assessment process will rapidly diagnose whether your environment could be exposed, using a high-fidelity set of technologies, expertise, and procedures.

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Have I Been Exposed?

The CyberRes rapid deployment team can respond to suspected breaches, provide a Board-level to SOC-level view of the exposure, and determine whether the organization has been affected. The mission-critical activity focuses on the impact to the business—and is suited to a technical as well as an executive audience.

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How Do I Limit Exposure?

Our comprehensive exposure assessment enables a rapid transformation of your enterprise cyber defenses. This includes identifying areas where you are at risk of zero-day attacks, adversary attacks, or a series of threats that could impact your business continuity, reputation, and operational continuity.

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    Assess Your Cyber Exposure

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