Application Security

Organizations need application security offerings that provide high assurance and high value, while not slowing down development efforts.

Lack of AppSec Buy-In

Lack of AppSec Buy-In

Failure to implement application security into DevOps isn’t a technical problem, it’s an organizational problem. Lack of buy-in from management and developers holds organizations back, not technology. The idea of “security as code” requires a change in mindset and it starts with selecting an AppSec solution that developers can easily adopt.

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Security Matters in DevOps

Security Matters in DevOps

Find and fix security flaws during every stage of the SDLC by integrating into the tools your developers already use.

Secure Software Supply Chains

Secure Software Supply Chains

Open source software is critical, yet problematic. Protect the integrity of your code with precise risk identification.

Scale from One to Many

Scale from One to Many

Make AppSec part of your development culture as you scale from one to hundreds, or even thousands, of apps.

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Secure Cloud-Native Apps

There's a huge cloud transformation going on and AppSec solutions must be equipped to scan virtual environments.

  • “Working with KJR and Micro Focus ensures we meet the highest global security standards available to always protect our patients’ sensitive data.”

    Kirsty Garrett

    CEO, Doctors on Demand

  • “We see WebInspect as a very important link in our value chain and look forward to further testing automation and expanding our use of the solution.”

    Vitalis Kavaliauskas


  • “Together, we are fundamentally transforming how AppSec meets the needs of our developers with Fortify on Demand.”

    Rajan Gupta

    VP of Product Security

  • “We are pleased with our collaboration with Micro Focus as part of Platform One and appreciate the value Fortify brings to our cybersecurity posture.”

    Nicolas Chaillan

    Chief Software Officer

  • “Fortify on Demand has been fully integrated in the effort to improve the quality and, more specifically, the security of the applications we deliver to the business.”

    Xavier Pernot

    IS Security Specialist


    Build Software Resilience

    Fortify delivers a holistic AppSec platform to support your software portfolio.