Date Lifecycle Management Framework

Managed Data Security and Privacy

Meet regulatory compliance obligations for data privacy and mitigate breach consequences by adopting a complete data lifecycle management framework. Enable cyber resilience across your organization to proactively protect, detect, and evolve.

Adapt to a Regulation-Compliant Data Privacy Framework

Implementing a robust and modular global framework enables partners and enterprises to securely manage the complete data lifecycle. It comprehensively addresses regulatory and compliance requirements for GDPR, CCPA, PCI, etc. CyberRes provides a suite of data security products with out-of-the-box support for various regulatory compliance requirements, helping our partners and customers build a global data privacy framework.

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Identify Business Processes and Data Flows

Map the users and entities contributing to data generation in your environment. Identify your data handling and data flow processes. Eliminate redundant, obsolete, and trivial data to minimize data and meet stringent data privacy requirements. CyberRes structured and unstructured data solutions enable enterprises to discover and classify their data and assess and analyze risks in context with business processes and data flows.

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Implement Data Privacy and Protection Controls

Adopt a modular, portable 360° solution with "defense in depth" capability and proportionate incremental controls to mitigate residual risks. The CyberRes data security portfolio offers products for implementing data privacy and protection controls. Voltage SecureData is a data-centric encryption solution with industry-leading technology such as FPE, FPH, SST, and stateless key management. It enables compliance and reduces risk in business processes, applications, transactions, analytics, files, and email—for secure data usability and utility on premises and in the cloud. Voltage SmartCipher provides persistent file encryption for unstructured data, enabling real-time content detection, classification, and encryption on sensitive file usage and creation.

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Simplify Data Lifecycle Management With Automation

Apply business function-driven automated data categorization, classification, and protection. Perform actions (encrypt, move, delete) on data based on category or classifications. CyberRes Data Protection products build on the initially identified data and use AI/ML to further automate data lifecycle management.

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