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CyberRes application security (Fortify) offers end-to-end application security solutions with the flexibility of testing on premises and on demand to cover the entire software development lifecycle.

Manage your entire application security testing program

Regardless of industry, applications are a preferred attack vector for adversaries. Organizations face the ongoing challenge of keeping their applications secure while adding new features to benefit their business. The Fortify portfolio offers enterprise scalability and integration capabilities for all your application security testing needs and supports on-premises, SaaS, and hybrid deployments. Secure your applications, web services, and APIs with a proven approach and expertise to help you create a more effective managed application security testing program—saving time and money.

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Build secure software fast

IT organizations need a well-defined framework for software development, which includes the ability to generate faster releases. However, as they increase the speed of development, they also need to keep security risks at bay. Fortify provides best-in-class speed, scalability, integration, and automation. Our industry-leading solution integrates with tools you already use to enable automation. It seamlessly integrates with your developers’ workflow and provides speed and accuracy while reducing the number of false positives. CyberRes solutions can help you find the right balance of speed and depth of analysis, seamlessly integrating security testing into the application lifecycle.

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Leverage an industry-leading solution

Among the top challenges for modern applications are complexity and the need for speed. In addition, application teams must keep up with increasing security demands. Fortify is the trusted leader in application security and was named number one for Enterprise in Gartner’s 2020 Application Security Testing report. Fortify can help you secure each release and maintain the right security posture for your enterprise. It comes with rich integration options for the entire software lifecycle, making AppSec available to and consumable by fast-moving teams. Fortify is constantly delivering new and updated features and offers flexible pricing models for Managed Service Providers.

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