Zero Trust Architecture

Leveraging NetIQ to achieve your zero trust security goals enables your organization to control access to sensitive resources and information.

Control Your Level of Trust

Control Your Level of Trust

Beyond simply enforcing a zero trust security posture for new resource requests, you need an infrastructure that effectively evaluates and administers the right level of trust continuously throughout the whole session, start to finish.

Building Blocks to Zero Trust

Building Blocks to Zero Trust

Manage relationships between people and the resources they access with unified account management across all environments.

Strengthen identity verification through strong or multi-factor authentication across your digital environment.

Evolve your identity-based security beyond point solutions to a platform that offers a cohesive security foundation.

Building Blocks to Zero Trust

Least Privilege Access

Least Privilege Access

Minimize the risk of attacks, from outside and within, by granting only as much access as needed.

Enforce your permission management from a centralized service that recognizes and prevents attempts to circumvent them.

Secure high-value unstructured data with data access governance that shows where files are and who has access to them.


Adapt Your Security to Risk

Adapt Your Security to Risk

Elevate your security model from static to dynamic using context that matches the level of security to the risk.

Bring context, behavioral, and resource risk scores together to measure current threats in ways not previously possible.

Use continuous authentication and authorization to protect against changing threat levels.

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Visualize Your Threat Landscape


Visualize Your Threat Landscape

Enhance threat intelligence

See what’s threatening your organization and how to harden your cyber resilience with insightful action plans.
  • “Using Identity Governance, we have reduced our security risk by at least 50 percent by eliminating any orphaned or dormant accounts, thus closing the security loop available. It has also brought us some cost savings….”

    Mpho Basitere

    Head of IT OPSC

  • “With Identity Governance and File Governance as part of the framework, our municipality partners have a convenient and user-friendly way to review their users’ permissions, vastly improving security compliance and transparency.”

    Nicolai Jensen

    Senior Enterprise IAM Architect

  • “By giving them everything they need immediately, we can differentiate Vodacom and ensure that we attract the best applicants.”

    Trevor Owen

    Head of IT

  • “We feel ready for the future with our solution and appreciate that Micro Focus took the time to understand our requirements, both now and in the future, and worked with us to find the best and most cost-effective solution for us.”

    Jörgen Sandström

    Section Head, Digitization Division

  • “Using “NetIQ Advanced Authentication has given us a user-friendly solution that was easy to implement and has saved us a considerable amount, given the growing popularity of remote working.”

    Jerry van Rekom

    IT Manager

  • “Access Manager gives us granular control over authentication, so we can manage a complex hierarchy of access rights for attorneys.”

    John Ruggeri

    Director of Technical Services

  • “The partnership has been great during the project. I feel our secret to success was to start small and slowly expand, a strategy fully supported by Micro Focus.”

    Henrik Mohr

    Department Manager, IAM

  • “The whole access audit process took just 13 business days, a phenomenal time saving….The parameters are defined within Identity Governance, next quarter’s audit will require hardly any intervention from us and will run mostly automatic.”

    Brad Abbott

    Head of IT OPSC

  • “The key benefit from Access Manager is the flexibility and speed-to-market we now have in integrating new applications.”

    Jeff Phelan

    Manager, Applications Management Team

  • “Within four years of introducing a Micro Focus identity and access solution to facilitate OTN’s innovative federated identity workflow, we will have automated our IAM processes to improve the clinician experience while achieving full benefits.”

    Alex Reidiboim

    Lead Solution Architect


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