Secure the Enterprise

Building a Resilient, Sustainable, and Secure Enterprise Architecture

The key to securing the enterprise is to build a comprehensive cyber resiliency program that protects, detects, and evolves. Organizations that can establish both trust and security enable the business and drive cyber performance. In this way you partner with the business to enable strategic growth.

End-to-End Visibility

The key to establishing trust and security with the extended enterprise is visibility. As organizations move to a software-defined data center (including public cloud), SDN, and micro-services, the complexity of achieving end-to-end visibility becomes an enterprise-wide challenge. They need the ability to bridge across workloads, environments, complex supply chains, federated development integrations, and an ever-evolving threat adversary. The CyberRes Secure the Enterprise offering delivers a comprehensive capability to detect, protect, and defend against modern threats, providing unsurpassed end-to-end visibility.

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Robust Digital Transformation

The digital transformation-centered modern enterprise is continuously evolving, delivering new platforms, services, and offerings to its customers and stakeholders. A robust, secure enterprise should have the resiliency to enable agile delivery and constant business evolution.

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Managing Digital Sprawl

With the acceleration of digital growth, organizations are increasingly expanding the IT sprawl within their enterprise. Much of this sprawl extends to cloud, container, and micro-service workloads. Securing the enterprise requires both a broad and precision capability to adapt to a modern IT infrastructure and a digital-enabled organization. The CyberRes offering provides a singular view to threats and risks to expansive IT infrastructure, including on premises, hybrid, public, containers, and microservices.

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