Data Security and Encryption

Data-centric security solutions that safeguard data throughout its entire lifecycle—at rest, in motion, in use—across the cloud, on-premise and mobile environments with continuous protection.

Data-centric security solutions

Micro Focus Data Security drives data-centric security innovation with encryption and tokenization solutions. We enable the world’s leading brands to neutralize data breach impact for data at rest, in motion and in use by de-identifying sensitive information. Data security solves the industry’s biggest challenge by simplifying data protection across complex legacy and modern IT.

Scalable big data security

SecureData for Hadoop and IoT delivers scalable protection for data streaming into big data lakes, enabling analytic insights while lowering exposure to data misuse or breach.

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Privacy compliance

Micro Focus Data Privacy Manager addresses data privacy governance from discovery and classification to protection and reporting. Data is de-identified using a stan­dards-based approach that can meet GDPR mandate requirements.

Cloud secure
Cloud data security

Voltage SecureData Sentry delivers transparent protection for data in the cloud in a platform-agnostic approach. SecureData Cloud provides cloud-native data protection for application workloads.

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Payments security and PCI

Voltage SecureData for Payments provides omni-channel payment data protection and PCI scope reduction by removing live card data from the payment stream.

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Secure enterprise messaging

Voltage SecureMail Cloud and SecureMail On-Premises provide end-to-end email protection for desktop, cloud, and mobile that scales to millions of us­ers, while maintaining sensitive data (PII, ePHI, etc.) privacy.

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Simplify unstructured data security

Micro Focus Voltage SmartCipher simplifies unstructured data security, delivering control over the use and proliferation of sensitive files for secure collaboration and improved privacy compliance.

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The challenges of securing big data

The challenges of securing big data

Traditional system and perimeter IT security can’t properly secure big data. Check out our new infographic and eBook to learn more about the challenges of securing big data and how Micro Focus can help.

Introducing SecureData Sentry

Introducing SecureData Sentry

Voltage SecureData Sentry simplifies and accelerates data-centric security deployment in cloud, commercial, and in-house applications without critical application changes or integration required.

SecureData achieves Common Criteria certification

SecureData achieves Common Criteria certification

SecureData achieves one of the most important internationally-recognized certification for security products. Common Criteria is critical for government customers and provides a strong, credible validation for customers complying with legislation such as the GDPR.

4 data security best practices for maintaining compliance with data security laws

4 data security best practices for maintaining compliance with data security laws

Protecting users, applications and private data is the fundamental focus in maintaining compliance with data security regulations. This paper discusses four best-practice approaches that any organization can adopt for achieving and maintaining compliance with the ever-increasing, ever-more-powerful government privacy laws and data security regulations.