Data Access Governance

Expand your identity governance program to include data stored in files.

Govern access to unstructured data

With Micro Focus solutions for data access governance, you can now gain the same level of control over unstructured data as you have with systems, applications, and identities. This comprehensive approach helps to ensure that the right people have access to the right information - including information stored in files on your network.

Gain visibility into data access

Analyze file system data to provide insight into what data you have, who has access, and how access is derived.

Streamline user provisioning
Use identity-based policies to automatically provision data storage, assign permissions, and control access.
Alert owners to data access risk

Automatically notify data owners when permissions change on a high-value target.

Certificate 1
Improve governance through access reviews
Empower business users to certify access to data and applications in the same interface.

Mitigating unstructured data risk through identity

The scope of Identity and Access Management (IAM) is evolving. Unauthorized access of unstructured data is a risk that analysts, legislatures, CSOs, and compliance officers are all saying needs to be addressed. Fortunately, Micro Focus has a solution.

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