Run and

Balance today’s needs with
tomorrow’s opportunities.

Tackling Two Conflicting Objectives

Competing in today’s digital economy requires balance. You must prioritize business resilience so you can run today. But you also need to continually transform to take advantage of tomorrow’s new business models and revenue streams. We can help you run AND transform—at the same time.


Why You Must Run

Rapid changes increase risk. Whether it’s changes in your market or business requirements, you must take steps to ensure your IT is resilient. You need software that is open, integrated, and backward compatible so you can bridge your existing technologies with emerging ones. The stakes have never been higher—so optimize for business resilience, today.


Why You Must Transform

Even if your business is resilient, your customers’ needs and competitive forces don’t stand still. You must adapt quickly to be able to capture new revenue, grow, and drive profit. You need a partner with a broad software portfolio, a robust inventory of advanced analytics, and deep expertise. These tools will help you digitally transform and find new business opportunities.

See How Our Customers Run and Transform


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    We were told on Friday that the vast majority of our staff needed to work remotely the following Monday. With Micro Focus, we had 95 percent of our staff remotely working within mere minutes.

    Georg Fritsch
    IT Director

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    Micro Focus collaboration solutions helped FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner ZT GmbH with the sudden, large-scale shift to remote working driven by COVID-19.
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    Monitoring requests which could take hours to resolve are now managed automatically in just a few minutes.

    Mohammed Shata
    ITOM Solutions Architect

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    Micro Focus helped Vodafone transform their IT operations and application testing so they could deliver superior customer service.
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    The full Micro Focus suite of solutions have improved our IT administrators’ productivity by up to 80%.

    Burak Çeti̇nkaya
    Infrastructure and Network Manager of IST Systems

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    Micro Focus enables Istanbul Grand Airport to deliver production ­ready, public and private cloud infrastructure and IT services for the world’s largest airport.