Secure Messaging Gateway

Antivirus, anti-spam, anti-malware, and network protection.

Complete Inbound and Outbound Protection of Your Network


Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway (formerly GWAVA) provides inbound and outbound protection for your company’s enterprise network and messaging system. This includes antivirus, anti-spam, cybercrime protection, and DoS/DDoS protection.

Multi-system support

Filter messages at the perimeter of any standards-based mail or collaboration system including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, GroupWise®, Vibe, Lync, or Lotus Domino. Secure Messaging Gateway can also be set up on multiple servers.

Cloud in
Deploy on premises or in the cloud

Whether you’re looking to deploy Secure Messaging Gateway behind your organization’s firewall or in the cloud, you’ll enjoy the same powerful security features in both locations.

face to face
Role-based user administration

The Access Control List enables you to manage user access to features and functions based on the roles you set. Users are now able to access certain administration features without having full administration rights.

Easy-to-configure, customizable notifications

Create the specific notifications you need. Notifications can be triggered by keywords, attachments, content, viruses, spam, and more. All notifications can be localized to provide localized versions of all generated emails.

Case Studies

First National Bank

With Secure Messaging Gateway, the bank was able to eliminate spam and junk mail from their users mailboxes.

Long Island Railroad

The Long Island Rail Road uses Secure Messaging Gateway to eliminate spam from their GroupWise mail system.

Northwestern Michigan College

The college provides quality education for 4000 students and uses Secure Messaging Gateway to meet security requirements for GroupWise mail services.

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