NetIQ Identity Governance and Administration

Reduce business risk by managing identities and governing access.

NetIQ Identity Governance and Administration

Flexible, scalable, and powerful identity governance and administration

Reduce your overall attack surface by minimizing access rights to only those essential for the business. Streamline access fulfillment so that users get easy and fast access to the assets and applications they need, when they need them.

Accelerate your business

Automate and streamline access to applications and data. NetIQ Identity Governance and Administration enables collaboration, productivity, and growth, while simplifying the management of complex identity environments.

Govern access to resources

Control access to business-critical resources. With a unified governance framework, you can determine who has access to which resources and whether that access is appropriate.

Adapt to risk

Identify and respond to changes that impact risk. Don’t wait until the next point-in-time access review; take immediate action to adapt security controls based on real-time events and risk analysis.

Achieve Zero Trust

Make identity governance and administration the foundation for your Zero Trust strategy. A robust IGA program provides the critical identity information and business context to make accurate decisions in a Zero Trust model.

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