IDOL KeyView

Document file reader and file extraction software.

OpenText™ IDOL KeyView is a standalone file format detection, content decryption, text extraction, subfile processing, non-native rendering, and structured export solution. Get more out of your data with support for over 1,500 file formats.

Filter SDK

Integrated text extraction.

The filter software development kit (SDK) extracts text and metadata from a variety of file formats on many platforms and can automatically recognize data on 1,500 document types.

Integrated text extraction.
Supports file-based and stream-based I/O operations.
Integrated text extraction.
Provides in-process and out-of-process filtering.


High-fidelity HTML from any document.

Convert virtually any document into HTML. Control the content, structure, and format of the HTML output with the HTML export SDK.

Enable end user access to documents with no plugins or native applications required.
Customizable templates and flexible APIs.


Create PDFs from any document.

End users can view any document in PDF format, negating the need to download special applications.

Extract structure from documents to create well-formed, valid XML in PDF creation.
XSL style sheets or CSS can be used to display the XML data in a human-friendly form.


Additional Features

Extraction Grammars

KeyView includes our comprehensive set of PII, PHI, and PCI entity extraction grammars.

Viewing SDK

Build high fidelity document viewing capabilities into your native Windows applications with the Viewing SDK.

Panopticon SDK

Identify and decrypt files protected by Microsoft Azure Rights Management to operate on the original, unencrypted file.

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