Data Protector for SAP

Meet stringent SLAs of SAP applications with a comprehensive data protection and availability solution
Data Protector 10


Micro Focus® Data Protector is an SAP-certified solution that addresses the data protection challenges of organizations migrating from traditional databases to SAP HANA. It enables highly scalable, centrally managed backup and recovery for SAP HANA environments with single and multi-node cluster deployments.
Data Protector 10 is certified for integration with SAP HANA via the SAP HANA-BRINT 1.1. SAP Certified Solutions Directory

Data Protector now available on the SAP App Centre digital marketplace – Read press release

Certificate 1
Integrated, tested, and certified for SAP HANA

Meet all SAP recommended best practices including backup of databases, logs and configurations, on any media, anywhere. Make use of powerful deduplication, cloud offload and fast direct recovery.

Lock key
Application consistent protection

Use an integrated smart agent for SAP for application consistent backup and recovery of SAP HANA databases. Enable multi-stream high-speed protection, point in time recovery and system copies.

Cloud secure
Built-in disaster recovery

Simplify the recovery process for a failed SAP HANA node. A single click enables recovery of system data including OS files, drivers, and application binaries from local or remote media.

Predictive SLA management

Monitor and track SLAs for in real time. Admins can manage recovery point and time objectives with alerts and automated recommendations. Track backup success rates, storage resources and performance.

Storage gear
Flexible, highly efficient data protection architecture

Run parallel backups to several hundred devices, including high-end devices in very large virtual and physical backup libraries. Deliver record-breaking TB per hour of throughput in a single session.


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